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Boring, not boring

It’s winter, and winter means hibernating and crochet. It’s been a difficult few months, so I’m hibernating extra hard. I made this hat for my niece for Christmas, but it was pretty boring, by 4 year old standards. I told her it was okay if she didn’t like it, to which she immediately replied “yeah I don’t like it…” I’m trying to fancy-pants it up with some unicorn swag, and I think she might (might!) like it better. I know that if she doesn’t, she’ll let me know!

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World in a teardrop

I have a little world that hovers above my windowsill. It’s encased in a glass teardrop that was flown over the ocean in my hands. It was painstakingly planted with tiny plants gingerly grasped in the prongs of long tweezers, and is watered with the tip of a hypodermic needle. It’s a tiny little world, but I like to have it tended as if I could go for a desert stroll along the path inside. The arid domain hangs in contrast to the green rainy world on the other side of the glass.